First Baptist Winchester has a rich history of providing for the spiritual and social needs of the people of this town and around the world for over 165 years! 

1852 Jan 12: Fourteen members of the Baptist Society of Winchester met at Lyceum Hall to organize as a corporation; in April called Rev. N.A. Reed to be the first pastor

1864: Raised $1699 and purchased the land on the corner of Washington and Mt. Vernon Streets in Winchester; June 9 - dedicated edifice, debt free, under Rev. Henry Hinkley  

1909: Lydia Jennie Crawford was consecrated by the Church to missionary service; she was awarded a Medal of Honor from the Vice President of China for caring for the wounded soldiers during the Chinese Rebellion in 1912

1910s: Elizabeth Peter Hodge, wife of Rev. Henry Hodge, conducted a Sunday School of high school girls and did outstanding work with the poor Italian mothers in the North End of Boston

1920s: Church edifice was found to be small for the growing congregation; around 1926, pledges of $225,000 were received to begin work on a new building, but then disaster struck with the Great Depression of 1929 and many pledges could not be met

1928 Nov 11: Cornerstone of the new church building was laid

1929 Sept 29: The new building was dedicated; built for $225,000 with a $105,000 mortgage

1930: The Men's Brotherhood organized the second oldest Boy Scout Troop in Winchester

1951 May 14: The mortgage was burned at a victory banquet

1952: Marked the 100th anniversary of the church, highlighted by the filling of a Treasure Chest to be opened 100 years later (which is sadly missing) 

1959: A new parsonage purchased on Lawrence Street with proceeds from original Winn Memorial parsonage and a generous gift from Hazel P. Swanson

1982: Process initiated to convert part of the church building to condominiums and renovation was almost complete in 1987

1987 Nov 19: Fire gutted the church building, just few weeks prior to the newly partitioned church's dedication service scheduled for December 6

1988 Oct 2: The newly renovated church (current building) was rededicated